Clients benefit from a range of full service design offerings - from design-for-construction to furnishings and styling. Through decades in the industry, Bryan and Camie have developed an exclusive process that efficiently guides clients through a design project. We act as our client’s trusted leaders from blueprints to bookshelves.

01. New Builds

Building a home is a labor of love. We pride ourselves on being the experts in design meets construction. Our experience allows us to bring clarity to the construction process and decision making employing our unique full services, turn-key design process. We collaborate closely with architects and builders to deliver a design experience that is seamless and cohesive.

02. Large Scale Renovations

Entering into a home renovation can be both disruptive and overwhelming. We act as our client’s advocate from the very beginning of a project. Intentional turnkey and collaborative client meetings lead to comprehensive project documents. The outcome is a clearly communicated project putting all involved parties on the same page, eliminating grey area.

03. Light Renovation

We apply thoughtful, dynamic solutions to a range of design-related challenges without getting into a large renovation. Balancing form and function, clients are guided through selection making to cohesively update a home leading to comprehensive design documents for easy installation.

Interior refresh – new paint, electrical fixtures, hardware…

04. Furnishings and Styling

Expertise in making homes feel like homes, we understand the negative impact that neglected spaces can have on busy family life, and we are well versed in guiding selections to add ease of life and visual inspiration to your home.

Our Signature Process

All projects are guided by the functional needs and lifestyle that is unique to every project


Client Onboarding


Conceptual Design


Detailed Design


+ Execution